Hello World

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Hello World

"Hello World". This is a classic line and one that every developer knows, and any one who has dabbled in code. It's every developers first line of code, it's how they say hello to the world of development. So aptly, it's how Aisleng says hello as well. We feel the same way that anyone does when they write those first few lines of code, excited about the possibilities and opportunities that await us.

Those first few lines of code are the exact metaphor for how we plan to do things, simple and to the point but with vast amounts of potential. Every developer knows those words and those lines of code are just the beginning of a long journey to creating amazing things and imagining a different way.

We are that giddy kid who has written his first line of code. We have helped build a few companies and worked with them to achieve their dreams, and we are excited to do that with a million more. We love writing code, solving problems through design and chomping on numbers.

So "HELLO WORLD!" we are Aisleng.